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Oncology Nursing Society - www.ons.org
American Cancer Society - www.cancer.org
National Cancer Institute - www.cancer.gov
National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) - www.nccn.org
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society - www.leukemia.org
American Society of Clinical Oncology - www.asco.org
Food and Drug Administration (new drug information) - www.fda.gov
National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization - www.nhpco.org
National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations - www.nabco.org
Co-Payment Assistance-General
Oncology Disease-Specific Associations
Georgia Nurses Association - www.georgianurses.org

Articles and Projects

Evolving Role of Taxanes for MBC-(.pdf file).
Coping Magazine Article-(.pdf file).
Getting Through To Sarah


Renal Cell
Helping the Wounded Healer

Side Effect Management-Nursing Interventions

Arthralgia and Myalgia
CYP3a4 list
CYP3a4 Information
Dermatologic Toxicities
Neuropathy Interventions (PEP)
Drugs that cause Xerostemia

Helping the Wounded Healer (Taking care of ourselves)

Profession's Response to Addiction in Nursing
Georgia Nurses Association-Nurse Advocate Program
Helping the Wounded Healer-Suggested Reading

Useful Trivia

Cancer Colors

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