Why Boy RN?

Why Boy RN? I have been a Nurse since puberty, and have been in Oncology for most of my career. One of the things that has been consistent, regardless of my job at the time, is that patients would refer to me as “that boy nurse”. I have had many patients who, after my giving them a very complicated chemotherapy regimen, look at me as ask “so, when does school start again?” My colleagues started calling me the “Boy RN” and it stuck. I therefore proudly call my WebPage “BoyRN.com” . It is my hope that the resources here are beneficial to you as you work with Boy RN. Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to working with you in the near future.


Boy RN.com has been designed to assist you schedule my services, and to be an ongoing resource. By making my presentation overviews and other documentation available online in my archive area, you can have access to bibliographies, articles, and other information addressed in my talks.

Below are just a few of the many topics available. If you do not see the educational information you require in my online resources, please allow me the opportunity to evaluate your needs and suggest new presentations, or assist in finding a viable alternative. Click the 'Contact' button in the navigation menu and initialize communication with me. My "Event Calendar" will let you know where I will be and what dates are available if you wish to schedule an educational program.

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Update on Endocrine Therapies in Breast Cancer: Nursing Implications and Interventions

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